Organic Bean To Bar Chocolate

Stoneground Cacao

Only the highest quality cacao beans are gently stoneground without the use of cocoa butter, to retain the many beneficial properties of cacao.​

Organic Certified

Our cacao is certified with Soil Association, so you can be sure that none of our cacao has been grown with fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides.​


We source our cacao direct from family run farms and small co-operatives that are working alongside projects to restore and maintain the environment.


The cacao we use is heirloom meaning it is the original variety of cacao in the country's origin. These varieties haven't been modified and have been around throughout history.​

Ceremonial Cacao

pure 100% cacao for ritual & ceremony

Ananda आनन्द​

when translated in Sanskrit means...

Ultimate Bliss

It is no coincidence that cacao contains a special compound named...


Just one of many components of cacao that makes chocolate lovers happy people!

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