Hot Chocolate Recipe

As you know by now pure cacao offers a completely different experience to the conventional chocolate bar’s sugary pick me up.
This cacao drink is best enjoyed in a ceremonial situation where you can sit and mindfully take in every sensation of the cacao experience.


– 25-30g Any of selection of 75% cacao bars..100% cacao will offer the ceremonial cacao experience
– 250ml Almond milk, Cashew milk or any other milk!
– A dash of coconut sugar – for those that cannot brave the 100% by itself


1. Pour milk into a sauce pan and gently heat up the milk WITHOUT bringing it to a boil.
2. Once it is steaming and is becoming a little frothy, break up the chocolate into little pieces and whisk the chocolate into the milk until it becomes thick and all the chocolate has melted.
3. Heat until at desired temperature and pour the lovely chocolaty goodness into your favorite mug.
4. Sit down and ENJOY 🙂