Pure stone-ground organic cacao beans. Inspired by ancient Mayan ceremonies and rituals. The Mayans regarded cacao to be the “Food of the gods” and used cacao as a means to connect with the gods.

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Ceremonial Cacao Disks – 100% Organic Belize

Organic Ceremonial Cacao 100% – Belize   Stone ground organic Belize cacao beans. Tempered into easy to melt 10g disks. Ideal for cacao ceremonies, personal rituals and to experience the heart opening beauty of cacao! Belize have a rich history … Read More

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Organic Ceremonial Cacao Chunks – 100% Colombia Arhuaco Tribe

Organic Ceremonial Cacao 100% – Colombia, Arhuaco Tribe Sacred cacao beans sourced from the Arhuaco tribe in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Columbia. Stoneground and handmade with pure intention. Cacao is a beautiful medicine that with intention can invite you … Read More

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Ceremonial Cacao Chunks – 100% Wild Harvest Bolivia

Ceremonial Cacao – 100% Wild Harvest Bolivian Cacao is a gentle plant medicine that has been used ceremonially throughout history by the Mayans, weaving itself far and wide from lush forests to grand mountainous environments through Central and South America. … Read More

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