Ceremonial Cacao Chunks – 100% Wild Harvest Bolivia



Ceremonial Cacao – 100% Wild Harvest Bolivian

Cacao is a gentle plant medicine that has been used ceremonially throughout history by the Mayans, weaving itself far and wide from lush forests to grand mountainous environments through Central and South America.
When prepared with intention and sacred setting cacao offers an experience of healing, elevating and nourishing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
– Getting in touch with the inner child, Self and unblocking stagnant energy
– Heart tonic
– Providing nourishment for physical body and cells
These particular cacao beans are Wild Harvested from the flood plains in the Bolivian Amazon by Indigenous tribes.
Ingredients: Stoneground Wild Harvested Cacao Beans
200g Pouch – whole chunks of stoneground cacao
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