Chai – 75% Belize Cacao

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Chai Spices & Belize Cacao

The locals in Belize are no stranger to cacao. The use of cacao goes all the way back to Mayan civilization where Ke’kchi and Mopan Mayan farmers would prepare it as a hot drink and use it in ceremonies and rituals.

The ancient knowledge has been passed down the line to farmers that farm the crop today, using their ancestral methods of farming to organically cultivate the cacao.


Chai Essential Oils

A sensual selection of organic chai essential oils are expertly blended with organic Belize cacao.

Ingredients: *cacao beans, *raw cane sugar, *cardamom oil, *cinnamon oil, *ginger oil *ORGANIC

Organic Certified – Vegan – Dairy Free

1 review for Chai – 75% Belize Cacao

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dave G

    Tried and purchased at Ilkley Market. It’s a world away from the mass-market chocolate we’re so used to eating.
    Ironically, it seems the better tasting a quality chocolate is, the less of it you can eat at once and this is no exception.
    Lovely rich flavour and texture
    I’m sure this will last me a while, especially if I take the advice of savouring like a good wine.

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