Ceremonial Cacao Disks – 100% Organic Belize



Organic Ceremonial Cacao 100% – Belize


Stone ground organic Belize cacao beans.

Tempered into easy to melt 10g disks.

Ideal for cacao ceremonies, personal rituals and to experience the heart opening beauty of cacao!

Belize have a rich history of using cacao in rituals.

200g Pouch = 10 x 20g servings

Ingredients: *Cacao beans *Organic


Left mask of the Mask Temple at the Lamanai Ruins in Belize.


→ If you would like a larger quantity please send me an email – we are able to provide this cacao in large blocks


Serving suggestions:

  • 20-40g Cacao per person = 2 – 3 disks per person

  • 250ml Hot water/nut milk per person

  • Heat water/nut milk in the pan until reach a boil

  • Take the pan off the heat

  • Whisk in cacao disks until fully melted

  • Pour into cups and smile 🙂


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