Organic Ceremonial Cacao 100% – Colombia Arhuaco Tribe



Organic Ceremonial Cacao 100% – Colombia, Arhuaco Tribe

Sacred cacao beans sourced from the Arhuaco tribe in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Columbia.
Stoneground and handmade with pure intention.
Cacao is a beautiful medicine that with intention can invite you into an ancient archaic space that helps connect us with ourselves, nurture the heart, align energy and express the creativity that lies within.
Personally, I find this variety of cacao to have more of a “yin” energy – intrinsic, best suited for deep meditation, yin yoga, and introspection.


Ingredients: *Cacao beans *ORGANIC

Weight: 250g

Vegan – Organic – Gluten Free
– 25-40g Cacao per person – you can begin with the smaller amount if you are new to cacao
– Avoid stimulants such as tea and coffee prior to consuming cacao
– Consult physician if you are taking antidepressants or SSRI medication
– Breathe, smile, relax and ENJOY 🙂


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