Organic Rose Chocolate – 75% Belize Cacao

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Organic Rose Chocolate – Belize Cacao

The locals in Belize are no stranger to cacao. The use of cacao goes all the way back to Mayan civilization where Ke’kchi and Mopan Mayan farmers would prepare it as a hot drink and use it in ceremonies and rituals.
The ancient knowledge has been passed down the line to farmers that farm the crop today, using their ancestral methods of farming to organically cultivate the cacao.

Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil
A generous serving of sensual organic rose essential oil to harmoniously complement the Belize cacao.
Only the finest organic Bulgarian rose oil is used in this truly indulgent chocolate.
The roses are hand-picked at dusk when the fragrance is at its best.
Around 1200 roses are steam distilled to make only 1ml of essential oil.
aerial view of Lamanai maya ruins in the tropical jungle of Belize
Ingredients: *Cacao beans, *Raw Cane Sugar, *Rose Oil *Organic Certified 
Organic Certified – Vegan – Dairy Free

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Weight 50 g

3 reviews for Organic Rose Chocolate – 75% Belize Cacao

  1. Gloria

    Beautiful florally flavour reminds me slightly of Turkish delight but SO much better. One of a kind bar of chocolate. I’ll definitely be buying this again.

  2. Rudi Carter

    This is a phenomenal product. It has a lovely floral taste without being like soap. It is definitely going to the top of my special chocolate list. I will definitely buy more!

  3. Suzanne

    Amazing chocolate! Beautiful rose flavour like proper turkish delight . Will definitely buy this again.

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